I was blessed as a child growing up in West Africa.

There I was exposed to the exotic and unusual fragrances that were all around me. When I was a little girl my mother used to buy us a pomade called Stella. I would use it liberally from my head to my toes because I loved the smell so much. Even then, at that young age, I thought the fragrance divine and all my friends would comment on how lucky I was because in those days it was rare for anyone to purchase perfume.

So, from then on my journey started and to this day perfume is so important in my life.

I am blessed with my wonderful family.

I even wear a fragrance to bed and although my husband seemed unsure at first, he now loves the idea and when I kiss my children and say goodnight, I love the fact that they remark on how nice I smell.

My daughter Carmen is just like me and when, aged 11, she bought her first bottle of perfume on a school trip to France, I was cross with her until my son Euan reminded me of the array of perfumes on my dressing table and that she was simply following my lead. He was right, I was wrong and Carmen got an apology.

I am blessed with my friends and my faith.

When I first toyed with the idea of creating a perfume, my friends were so encouraging and when, having read about alabaster oil in a passage in the Bible, that very topic was the subject of a discussion at my next women’s fellowship group with Lesley, it seemed my vision was indeed blessed. My dear friend Shadida even introduced me to Roja Dove, the renowned perfumer and from the moment we met, we clicked and he has warmly guided me through each stage giving me the confidence to continue.

I am blessed with my success.

When I came to decide on the name for my perfume, it was obvious…


And although it is a luxury brand, it is a perfume that can be worn by anyone and on our launch day we saw the positive reaction of customers reflected in strong sales which have continued.

For that I thank God, my friends and family and I count my blessings.

Belinda Brown.